MS INSENTRA LLC has formed an Insurance Marketing Organization

In conjunction with Unkefer Associates, MSI now provides a more in-depth product and licensing experience. More Information and Contact List.

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Wealth management involves the accumulation and proper management of your client’s financial assets. It also requires the appropriate risk mitigation techniques to protect what you and your clients have built. Design the appropriate platform that compliments your firm’s philosophy and culture. Extend your business. Enhance your firm’s long term value and your client’s overall experience


Profit from a professional risk management and insurance practice within your RIA. We will collaborate with you and your team to understand your goals and values, your vision for the short and long term. We will share our experience and expertise to help you fulfill the potential of your business.



Accruing a significant and safe nest egg is extremely important to your clients. Implementing a program to protect it is equally as important to all parties, your clients, their heirs and your business. Risk management and insurance solutions are merely ideas if you don’t implement them. We have the tools, resources and staffing to support the implementation of your plan.


Develop, build, grow and profit from a professional risk management and insurance practice that is a functioning part of your RIA. Explore the many different ways this can be accomplished. Consider how this would work best for you and your individual situation.



Similar to adjusting your client’s financial plan, the risk management and insurance program for your firm will need to be fine-tuned. We are here to help continually improve your program so it’s as relevant and viable in the future as it was when you implemented it.


Execute on what you have designed. Make risk management and insurance a part of every conversation you have with your clients and prospects. It’s always appropriate to talk to your clients about safe guarding their nest egg.